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Shredder and Smelter Furnace Dangers, Bernard Stienberg, Charleston Steel & Metal, and  Christian Fisher, Area Manager, Commercial Metals Company


Furnace Explosion                                     

Shredder Explosion



Guide to Creating a Fire Prevention and Management Plan, ISRI

Annual Fire Management Plan Review

Monthly Fire and Housekeeping Checklist

Inbound Control Plan for Fire Prevention

Fuel Source Checklist

Typical Ignition Sources Checklist

Dealing with COVID-19 in the Workplace, Tony Smith, Director, Safety Outreach, ISRI



SC Recycling Market Directory, Anna DeLage, Manager, Recycling Market Development, SC Department of Commerce


Recycling Directory

The Benefits of Increased Household Recycling, Joseph Von Nessen, PhD, USC

Other SC Department of Commerce Resources


US Scrap Markets Search for the New Normal, Blake Hurtik, Editor, Argus Metal Prices


Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Marvin Finkelstein, Southeast Chapter, ISRI, and  Barry Wolff, Charleston Steel and Metal


ISRI Membership Townhall Presentation 

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