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Catalytic Converters

Non-Ferrous Metals Training: Curtailing Catalytic Converter Theft


Recorded webinar:

This training is intended for law enforcement and Secondary Metals Recyclers (SMRs). With the enactment of H. 3991 (Act 80) in 2021, the Non-Ferrous Metals permitting and enforcement processes have changed. So, to ensure both law enforcement and recyclers are interpreting and implementing the law in the same manner, the SC Sheriffs' Association is partnering with the SC Recyclers' Association, the SC Police Chiefs' Association, and the SC Law Enforcement Officers' Association to host a webinar on the new law and processes.

Panelists: Joanna McDuffie, Esq., with Richland County Sheriff's Department, Barry Wolff with the SC Recyclers Association, and Steve Levetan with Pull-A-Part, LLC.


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H. 3991 (Act 80)

Application for Permit to Transport and Sell Nonferrous Metals
Secondary Metal Application for Permit to Purchase Nonferrous Metals

More information including a flowchart for SC Catalytic Converter Purchasing Requirements may be found on the member page for Secondary Metal Recyclers (Members, please log in to access this page.)

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