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South Carolina Recycling Association


The objects and purposes of the Association shall be:
  • to provide an organization for consideration of questions and problems affecting the recycling industry in the State of South Carolina;

  • to provide a means by which the views and opinions of the recycling industry of the State of South Carolina may be made known to the State and public officials;

  • to cooperate with federal, state and local agencies of government on issues of public interests related to the recycling industry;

  • to foster compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances related to the recycling industry;

  • to encourage the exchange of ideas among its members for their common good and welfare (including through education and training);

  • to acquire, preserve, and disseminate data and information essential for the Association’s purposes in the adequate conduct of their business;

  • to aid in the settlement of disputes and differences between its Members; and

  • to promote ethical practices in the customs and usages of the trade; and to promote a general harmony and fellowship among its members.

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