Current and Pending Laws and Legislation

SECTION 16-17-680 -  Secondary metals recycler permit to purchase nonferrous metals; permit to transport and sell nonferrous metals; violations; penalties; records; notice; preemption.


SECTION 16-11-523 - Obtaining nonferrous metals unlawfully; disruption of communication or electrical service

SECTION 56-5-5670 -  Duties of demolishers; disposal of vehicle to demolisher or secondary metals recycler; records; penalties.

SECTION 56-5-5945 -  Duties of demolishers; disposal of vehicle; title requirements; records; penalties.

SECTION 56-19-480 -  Transfer and surrender of certificates, license plates, registration cards and manufacturers' serial plates of vehicles sold as salvage, abandoned, scrapped, or destroyed.

SECTION 56-3-1380 -  Return of registration card and license plates for wrecked or dismantled vehicle.

Title 44 Chapter 56 - South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Act


United States Government - Metal Theft Prevention Act of 2012 United States Congress 

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